Water and Health

The deteriorating drinking water quality is a grave matter of concern across the globe. Widespread water contamination is a result of industrial effluents, deforestation, excessive use of pesticides, improper waste disposal methods and several other factors. All of these factors have led to the contamination of drinking water reserves. Consequently, the water that flows from your taps may contain several contaminants that could affect your health adversely.

Many of the domestic water purifiers available today are marketed on the basis of superior taste. This however, defeats the purpose of using water purifiers. Taste is not an indicator of the purity or the quality of water.

Water – the one natural product that can boost your energy, improve your skin tone, and keep your weight in check for free.

Your kids probably drink plenty of juice and milk each day. But don’t forget about water. Although it has no nutrients, H2O is essential to your child’s health.

When you introduce your baby to water, either to drink or to mix formula, it is essential that you use safe, clean water that has been properly treated and sterilized.