A. O. Smith ProLine GCF-50 standard vent delivers a first-hour rating of 84 gallons and a recovery rate of 42 gallons per hour. It comes with a 50-gallon (nominal) tank and a 40,000 BTU gas burner. With electronic ignition and automatic flue damper for convenience and energy savings. 

How It Works

LPG-fired water heaters heat by burning propane gas to heat water efficiently. These need a source of fresh air and need proper venting.

Cold water enters through a dip tube which forces the cold water to go to the bottom of the tank and pushes hot water out through the outlet connection.

This heater uses automatic electronic ignition and control system. When cold water enters the heater, the temperature sensor signals the flue damper and gas valve to open. Gas flows to the burner and is ignited by the pilot light. When the target temperature is reached, the gas valve shuts off and the flue damper automatically closes to reduce standby heat loss.