CAHP-120 Hybrid Light Commercial Heat Pump Water Heater

CAHP-120 Hybrid Light Commercial Water Heater

A. O. Smith CAHP line of commercial heat pump water heaters brings the right mix of energy efficiency and affordability to the commercial water heating market.

CAHP extends the MasterFit tradition of unmatched flexibility in heating capacity with a powerful Heat Pump module that guarantees continuous electrical and operating cost saving.

This balance in design ensures an ROI worth evaluating for any commercial establishment that uses hot water in operations.

The CAHP120 features at least 50% more storage capacity than any other hybrid or integrated heat pump water heaters in the market today. The big storage bump ensures more hot water produced through the heat pump module over the years.

How It Works

CAHP light commercial a 1.5HP heat pump module for high recovery renewable energy savings. The heat pump system consists of a compressor, condenser, expansion valve and evaporator working together to harness ambient heat in the air and move them to the hot water tank.