A. O. Smith S600 Tankless RO Water Purifier

Introducing A.O. Smith S600 RO Water Purifiers. Our newest addition to the family of Sidestream RO which adapts the 2.0 Membrane Technology.

Side Stream 2.0 technology enhances the market's highest purification water recovery rate: 2 Glass of pure water: 1 Glass Reject Water.

The largest filtration capacity up to 600 Gallons per day (1.5 Liters/min) helps the process of taking water without interruption, the water is always fresh

New generation in-line filter element, absolutely reducing the risk of water leakage.

Typically installed under the sink (can also be countertop).


Filters rust, sand, other large particles and solid impurities suspended in water; removes chlorine, disinfection by-products, organic matter, odor; alleviates crystallization of calcium and magnesium ions in the filtration system

Filter life :



Removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticide residue, and other harmful substances. Effective for microbiological and chemical purification

Filter life :



Regulates taste and smell of water, keeping it fresh

Filter life :