AR600-C-S-1 is the world's first home-use water purifier designed without any container. With its 600GPD purification speed, it produces fresh, purified water instantly.

Features a Sidestream RO membrane with 1:1 recovery/reject rate, giving you more purified water and wasting much less water than typical water stations in your neighborhood.

DOH registered


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Why Choose Our Product



    Patented RO-Side Stream membrane with the highest recovery of water. Reduces 56% of waste water, increases 66% of pure water output and prolongs RO lifetime 1.5 times




    Filtration rate at 600 gallons per day gives you the speed to purity water fresh always, meeting all the needs for the family and more


    Elegant integrated electronic faucet with filter replacement reminder. When you want water on-demand with no mess, touchless faucets are the ideal choice.



  • Digital 

    Smart indicators lets user knows when it's time for filter replacements

  • DOH/FDA Registered

    Underwent Philippines Department of Health/Food & Drug Administration registration for health related device.


    No tank compact design saves you kitchen space. Can be installed under the sink.



Product Dimensions (H x D x W) 490mm x 175mm x 425mm
Net Weight 13 kgs (approx.)
Purification Technology Sidestream RO
5 Stage Purifying Technology PP 5µm + GAC + PP 1µm + Sidestream RO + Post Carbon filter
Filtration Rate 94.6 liters per hour (600 gallons per day)
Input Voltage 220 VAC
Power Rating 107 Watts
Suitable Water Supply Pressure 14.5 psi to 50 psi
Maximum Total Dissolved Solids Up to 1000 ppm TDS
Stage Filter Description Filter Life (Months) Price (PHP)
1 5µm Sediment  Filters rust, sand, other large particles and solid impurities suspended in water 6-12  350
2 Carbon Block Absorbs chlorine, mold, disinfection by-products, odors, discolorations and other materials in the water 12-24 700
3 1µm PP Filters smaller particles and lengthens life of RO membrane 12-24 350
4 600GPD Sidestream RO Membrane Removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticide residue, and other harmful substances. Effective for microbiological and chemical purification 24-36 7000
5 Post Active Carbon Regulates taste and smell of water, keeping it fresh 6-12 640

Based on consumable costs, average cost per liter of water at 0.90 php

User Manual and Certificates
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