The CEWHR-100PE6 Wall Hung Electric Water Heater comes with an Adaptive Energy Saving System (AES) that will help you lessen your electricity bill.






Why Choose Our Product


    • Wired HD LED Touch Screen Control

    • Blue Diamond Glass-Lined Tank

    • High-Density Insulation

    • Mode adjustable to Normal, Economy, or Instant

    • Adaptive Energy Saving System (AES)

    • Digital Temperature Control

    • PS Pro-Safety Electric Leakage Protection (ELCB)

    • Auto-standby

    • IPX4 Waterproof Grade


Storage Capacity: 26.4 gal (100L)

Wattage: 1.2 / 2 / 3 (kW)

Length: 40.5 (in.)

Diameter: 18.3 (in.)

User Manual and Leaflets