A. O. Smith A6 RO+SCMT Water Purifier

When using A. O. Smith A6 RO Water Purifier, 100% of the water passes through the unique patented side stream RO membrane and is further purified by Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT).

A. O. Smith S4 RO Water Purifier

A. O. Smith S4 is a 100% RO water purifier with a 2-year warranty on the RO membrane. It incorporates a 5 stage purification system, along with a Side Stream RO Membrane Technology.

A.O. Smith A1 UV Water Purifier

The A1 uses advanced ultraviolet technology to purify your water. UV rays penetrate cell walls and destroy them, leaving you with water free from bacteria and viruses.

A.O Smith ADR75-V-ET-1

ADR75-V-E-T-1 is A. O. Smith's flagship purifier for large homes and offices. With hot, cold, and ambient functions, RO + UV technology, and compact integrated design, this brings the most convenient way to get purified water for the whole family or office.

A.O. Smith AR600-C-S-1

AR600-C-S-1 is the world's first home-use water purifier designed without any container. With its 600GPD purification speed, it produces fresh, purified water instantly.

A. O. Smith S7 RO+SCMT Purifier

A. O. Smith’s S7 purifier uses 7 stages of purification that ensures the complete safety of your drinking water. It removes heavy metals, chemicals, pesticides, and disease-causing microorganisms.