A.0. Smith listed as part of Transformation 20 in a list by Innosight


A.O. Smith has been listed among the Top 20 Global Companies Leading Strategic Transformations in 2019 published by strategy consultancy firm, Innosight. 

Innosight screened all the companies in the S&P 500 and the Global 2000 and narrowed it down to top 20 international firms that demonstrated exceptional growth and adaptability to disruptions in the global market. 

The consultancy firm cited A.O. Smith’s fearless shift from its historic core in automotive parts and motors to venture in renewable energy, specifically water services, in response to climate change. 

A.O. Smith has cemented a legacy in automobile parts manufacturing before establishing itself as the current industry standard in water heating and treatment systems.

In April of 2019 A.O. Smith acquired Water-Right, Inc., a provider of residential and commercial water quality solution products and systems. It has since been proving its great value to the A.O. Smith organization.

A.O. Smith has a strong and growing international presence with a workforce across 12 countries and serving customers in more than 60 nations.  Consistently adapting to market trends throughout its rich history, A.O. Smith has long been recognized as a global leader in customer satisfaction and cutting-edge innovation.

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