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A. O. Smith Corporation awarded the employees of the Protective Coatings Division in Florence, Kentucky with the Lloyd B. Smith President's Safety Award for 2014

The President's Safety Award is given annually to the safest overall among A. O. Smith's 18 facilities worldwide. The safety performance is measured through statistical data and program effectiveness. Measured categories include the following:

            Lost workday case incidence rate - Measures number of cases involving serious work-related injuries or illnesses that result in one or more lost work days

            Recordable case incidence rate - Measures number of cases involving significant work-related injuries or illnesses beyond first aid as defined by the U. S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

             Lost workday incidence rate - Measures total number of lost work days due to severe work-related injuries or illnesses within the whole facility

The Florence, Kentucky plant had a perfect record with no lost-time accidents or recordable accidents during the year. The plant is actually on its 6th year without any lost-time accident. This is the 3rd time the plant has been awarded the President's safety award. It also received the award in 1997 and in 2011.

The Protective Coatings division produces frit used in glass lining of water heating tanks. They continually research and develop cost-effective protective coatings used to fight against corrosion in water heaters and other appliances.

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