Are you looking for a dependable pump tank that has installation flexibility with a smooth, dependable diaphragm design? The A. O. Smith MDX-32 will provide you all of these along with a precise control of the system operation cycles.

Made in the USA.


  • It has a convenient air charge valve
  • Butyl Diaphragm ensures permanent separation of air and water.
  • Steel retaining ring seals the diaphragm directly to tank shell.
  • 2-coat polymer water-side lining, bonded to shell which is a proven protection against rust.
  • Rotating corrosion-resistant base assures stability. Rotates for easy alignment to connection.
  • Slotted and notched for proper airflow, reduced condensation.
Volume32 gallons
Drawdown 20-4011.4 gallons
Drawdown 30-509.6 gallons
Drawdown 40-608.4 gallons
Connection Size1" NPT (F)
Approx. Shipping Weight40 lbs