A. O. Smith's HeatBot-SZS-Mechanical Water Heater is future ready, easy-to-use, eco-friendly and nothing short of masterpiece. It is BEE 5-star rated with Advanced PUF Technology which means it is extremely efficient and will help you to save big on your electric bill.






Why Choose Our Product



  •   Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank

    Blue Diamond Glass Lined Tank for 2X corrosion resistance


  •   Easy access Temperature Control

    Easy access Temperature Control Knob for added convenience.


  •   Longer lifespan

    Long-lasting Anode Rod with 2x lifespan even in hard water conditions

  •  Double protection

    Double protection with thermal cut-out and multi-function safety valve

  •  BEE 5-Star

    BEE 5-Star Rated with Advanced PUF Technology

ModelHeatBot (15L)
Volume (L)15
Power (kW)2 kW
Actual Stdg. Loss [kWh/24h/45°C diff.] 0.41
Net Weight (Kg)10.7
User Manual and Leaflets
Attachment Size
SZS_Heatbot_mech-15-and-25.pdf 3.41 MB