ADR75-V-E-T-1 is A. O. Smith's flagship purifier for large homes and offices. With hot, cold, and ambient functions, RO + UV technology, and compact integrated design, this brings the most convenient way to get purified water for the whole family or office. ADR75 is your ultimate mini water station at home. You get the purest water, without the security issues of regular water deliveries. With its smart indicators, you get to replace filters only when you need to, ensuring your family always have the purest source of water without throwing away filters too early. DOH registered






Why Choose Our Product



    Patented RO Sidestream technology for ultimate water station purification at your home. With 1:1 recovery/reject ratio, gives you more purified water than typical water stations.


  • HOT & COLD

    Hot, Cold, or Normal temperature, they are just a button away. Perfectly pure water, whether for your home or office.



    Superior convenience with solenoid control. A button press turns on water. Another press turns water off. Displays hot and cold water temperature



    UV disinfection kills bacteria and virus and helps keep built in water tank in the purest condition.


    Purifier tracks water use and lets you know when the filters need to be replaced.


    Additional safety to keep kids safe when using hot water.

Purification TechnologySidestream RO + UV
6 Stage Purifying TechnologyPP 5µm + GAC + PP 1µm + Sidestream RO + Post Carbon filter + UV
Filtration Rate11.8 liters per hour (75 gallons per day)
FunctionNormal / Hot / Cold
Tank Capacity7L / 2L / 2L
Input Voltage220 VAC
Power Rating630 Watts
Hot Water Power 500 Watts
Cold Water Power85 Watts
Suitable Water Supply Pressure14.5 psi to 50 psi
Maximum Total Dissolved SolidsUp to 1000 ppm TDS
Product Dimensions1220mm x 420mm x 380mm
Net Weight38 kgs (approx.)
StageFilterDescriptionFilter Life (Months)Price (PHP)
15µm Sediment Filters rust, sand, other large particles and solid impurities suspended in water6-12 350
2Carbon BlockAbsorbs chlorine, mold, disinfection by-products, odors, discolorations and other materials in the water12-24700
31µm PPFilters smaller particles and lengthens life of RO membrane12-24350
4Sidestream RO MembraneRemoves bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticide residue, and other harmful substances. Effective for microbiological and chemical purification24-362500
5Post Active CarbonRegulates taste and smell of water, keeping it fresh6-12900
6UVPrevents growth of bacteria and virus from tank after a long time without use36-482000
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