We all know having good drinking water is important. Most people get their water either from the tap directly, from water deliveries or by boiling water. However, having your own water purifier at home might just be better for you. Here we explore a few good reasons why.


1) Better security - no strangers 

When you have a purifier installed at home, there’s no need to call for water deliveries. You’ll have better security because you don’t have to open your home regularly for strangers. Letting strangers go in and out of your home weekly during this pandemic might not be the wisest decision, especially since they go around many homes everyday.


2) Better safety - you have control that it works

Getting your own water purifier gives you option to choose the brand, the service, and the technology that meets your expectations that the confidence will make you confident that you’re drinking safe and clean water as you get to choose . You have an idea how the water is filtered and what certifications do your chosen purification have. You're also aware if the filter works properly and how regularly it is maintained. Additionally, your water purifier service provider can answer your questions regarding your water concerns.


3) If you have pregnant women/babies, distilled water might be too expensive 

It is important for pregnant women to drink enough water. However, it is better if they only drink filtered water to prevent some pregnancy related conditions. According to some studies, the chlorine used to treat public water can turn into chloroform when it mixes with other materials in the water. It might increase the risk of miscarriage and poor fetal growth.

Meanwhile, new-born babies are more vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and other parasitic infections. Many families with new born babies buy distilled water for drinking or for mixing with formula milk. However, because distillation is very energy intensive and expensive, using RO water purifiers may be more practical in the long run. It gives you the next best thing to distilled water, with lower costs and lower energy use.


4) Less plastic water bottles -- if you develop the habit of always having your own water bottle on the go. 

The annual consumption of bottled water worldwide over the years has grown to millions. It is considered convenient because it is portable but that convenience comes with a high environmental cost.

By installing a home water purification system, the bottled water consumption can be reduced by 17%. You have an access of clean drinking water directly at home so you will no longer have to purchase plastic water bottles when outside. You can simply use a reusable water bottle to bring clean water with you every time you go out.


5) More convenience, less micro payments 

The best part of getting a water filter is that you are going for a one-time investment that will definitely benefit you in the long run. If you calculate your yearly expenses for bottled water deliveries which cost 25-50php each, that will be more expensive than the price of a water purifier.

Besides, it will be less hassle since there's no need to tend to water deliveries weekly, including paying for them regularly. Such valuable time can be saved for more important matters.


6) Less water getting stale

Having water delivered weekly means possibly having stocks of water bottles delivered at a time. If your family consume water too slowly, water can get stale. Typically, once a water container is opened, its cleanliness is guaranteed only for about 3 days before germs start to multiply.

Some water bottles may also contain BPA which can leach into the water, especially when the bottles are exposed to temperature changes like too much heat from the sunlight. Stale water may leave a bad taste or odor and can make you ill when consumed.


7)  No water bottle lifting right now

Lifting 5-gallon water bottles and putting them on water dispensers can be daunting at times. It can strain your back, muscles, and joints. With a direct-to-tap water purifier that refills automatically, you can get your drinking water without down time.



Instead of getting your water from water deliveries or buying distilled water in stores, why not just have a good water purifier at home? These 7 reasons may be good enough for you to consider, so you can get quality water for drinking, cooking and even hygiene purposes more conveniently.

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