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The AO-WH-SOFT-PRO 300 has a 30,000 Grain Capacity. It can also lessen the scale build-up in your home and improve your dishwashing and laundry efficiency. Perfect for city water application due to its chlorine reduction at 3ppm (maximum). It can also be used for deep well water supply with zero (0) ppm Ferrous Iron Level.


How It Works

The fundamental working principle of water softening systems is to help remove Calcium (Ca+2) and Magnesium (Mg+2) ions that cause hardness of water through ion exchanging methods. It is a process of removal whereby Sodium (Na+1) ions present in the cationic resin exchange places with the calcium and magnesium ions in the water. After this process, the saturated resin must be regenerated with a time or flow controlled regeneration procedure. 

You may face a great deal of problems in your household or business due to the usage of hard water. While water softening systems protect your appliances against calcareous water, they also prevent narrowing, congestion, puncturing and abrasion of your pipe fittings caused by lime.