When using A. O. Smith A6 RO Water Purifier, 100% of the water passes through the unique patented side stream RO membrane and is further purified by Silver Charged Membrane Technology (SCMT). Compare this with ordinary RO + UV water purifiers where some water is made to bypass the RO membrane and purity is compromised.

MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) restores essential minerals to water, making your water healthy and tasty. A6 gives you the most complete mineral water station at a compact and beautiful package, giving you safe water at the security and convenience at your home.

And with its 10 liter storage capacity, water stays fresh while at the same time giving you just enough to last during those unexpected daily droughts. DOH Registered






Why Choose Our Product


  • 7 Stage Purification

    Uses 7 Stage Purification In A. O. Smith A6 Water purifier, 100% of the water passes through the RO membrane  and double purified by SCMT.

  • Advanced Patented SSM Technology

    Suitable for water with low and high (upto 2000 ppm) TDS. Less water is wasted and improves pure water recovery.

  • Instant Hot Water

    he only RO purifier that gives you purified hot water with added minerals at two temperature choices

  • Twin Advanced Alert Technology

    The twin advanced alert helps you know when it's time for sediment + pre-carbon filter and RO membrane + other filter change.

  • MIN-TECH (Mineralizer Technology)

    The Min-Tech (Mineralizer Technology) adds essential minerals to the water. This ensures that the water tastes fresh and natural with balanced pH

  • Large Storage Capacity

    Pure water storage capacity of 10 liters. Provision for both wall mounting and table top.


How to Video guide


How it works

AO Smith Water Purifiers uses one of the latest technologies that is used in water purification process in order to produce healthy and safe pure drinking water. AO Smith RO Water Purifier works under the principle of RO(Reverse Osmosis) technology which is found to be one of the most effective process. It can reduce TDS levels upto more than 95% and reduces the viruses and bacteria with 99.9% efficiency.

Product Dimensions (H x D x W) 482mm x 369mm x 326mm
Net Weight 9.5 kgs (approx.)
Gross Weight 13.9 kgs (approx.)
Flow rate* Up to 15 liters per hour
Storage tank capacity 9.2 liters
Storage tank capacity (hot tank) 0.8 liters
Purification technology RO (Reverse Osmosis)
7 Stage Purifying Technology Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Pre Carbon filter + RO Membrane + MIN-TECH (Mineraliser Technology) + Silver Activated Post Carbon + SCMT (Silver Charged Membrane Technology).
Membrane type Side Stream RO membrane
Material of construction for plastic parts Food safe, non-toxic, engineering grade plastics
Pump type Diaphragm pump, 24VDC, 0.26 Amps, Operating Pressure 125 psi (Max.)
Input Voltage 150 – 300 VAC, 50 Hz
Power rating (Max) 60 Watts
Pressure Rating*** 7 psi to 30 psi
% Recovery** Up to 30%
TDS reduction** ≥95% (approx.)
* Flow rate depends on variable factors such as feed water pressure, feed water characteristics and condition of the membranes and filters.  
** Recovery and TDS reduction percentages also depend on variable factors such as life and condition of the membranes and filters, feed water pressure, feed water characteristics.  
*** If input pressure exceeds 30 psi, a pressure reducing valve needs to be installed at the feed line. If the pressure is lower than 7 psi, a booster pump needs to be installed.  

**Design, feature and specifications mentioned are subject to change without notice.

Stage Filter Description Filter Life (Months) Price (PHP)
1 10µm PP MMP Filters rust, sand, other large particles and solid impurities suspended in water 12-16 350
2 Carbon Block Absorbs chlorine, mold, disinfection by-products, odors, discolorations and other materials in the water 12-16 720
3 PP Sediment Filters finer particles and lengthens life of RO membrane 12-16 500
4 Sidestream RO Membrane Removes bacteria, viruses, heavy metals, pesticide residue, and other harmful substances. Effective for microbiological and chemical purification 24-32 2500
5 Mintech Adds in healthy calcium and magnesium minerals to give mineralised water 12-16 900
6-7 ZX Dual Silver Activated Post Active Carbon + SCMT Regulates taste and smell of water, keeping it fresh; silver ions prevent growth of bacteria; Silver Charged Membrane Technology adds double purification for extra insurance after RO 12-16 1500

Based on consumable costs, average cost per liter of water at 0.90 php

User Manual and Certificates
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