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Air purifiers are appliances that clean the air in our homes by getting rid of pollutants. According to medical research, indoor air can sometimes have more contaminants compared to outdoor air.

Most air purifiers are designed with multiple filters with a fan that circulates the air. Pollutants are captured as it moves through the filters and clean air is blown out. The filters need to be replaced regularly and they are usually made out of fiberglass, mesh, and paper.

A. O. Smith air purifiers are designed to catch gases like TVOCs (total volatile organic compounds) along with other air contaminants such as dust, smoke, allergens, viruses, and bacteria.

They utilize a MERV17 HEPA Filter that is 99.97% efficient, which is the standard used in surgical operating rooms.

Both the KJ500F-B01 and KJ800F-B01 models also have high-quality activated carbon that helps to remove toluene, formaldehyde, and toxic odors present in fabric, paint, and household furniture.

Other air purifiers available in the market are only designed to get rid of dust and other particles, but they don’t have a MERV17 HEPA Filter and activated carbon that is found in A. O. Smith air purifiers. 

Why do you need a HEPA filter?

HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Air. This kind of filter can trap particles of different sizes inside a multi-layered netting made from fine fiberglass threads designed with varying sized gaps. These threads are thinner than a strand of human hair.

A HEPA filter can help people who have asthma and allergies since it can easily eliminate fine airborne particles.

A. O. Smith air purifiers are designed with a MERV17 advanced HEPA filter that has an antibacterial coating. It can effectively remove the H1N1 virus which is 80-120nm in size which is similar to novel coronavirus which is 100nm in size. 

The air purifier's fan draws air into the filter and pollutants are trapped in it. The larger particles are captured through impaction (when they crash into the fiber) while mid-sized particles are captured through interception (when they touch the fiber and become trapped).

The ultrafine particles are trapped through diffusion (when they zig-zag and get caught in the fiber).

The HEPA filter in an A. O. Smith air purifier is extremely effective in getting rid of ultrafine particles. It meets the industry standard of 99.97% efficiency in removing air pollutants that are less than 0.3 microns in size. 

What to look for when buying an air purifier

Make sure to check the CADR (clean-air delivery rate) of the air purifier which measures the unit’s cleaning speed.

The A. O. Smith KJ500F-B01 Air Purifier has a CADR of 500 m3/hr while the KJ800F-B01 Air Purifier has a CADR of 800 m3/hr. Both units also have a patented smart sensor which gives a precise PM 2.5 dust density in real-time.

It’s also recommended to follow the proper room size guidelines when choosing an air purifier for optimal performance. The A. O. Smith KJ500F-B01 Air Purifier is perfect for 35-60 square meter rooms that are common in most small and medium households.

The KJ800F-B01 model is better suited for 56-96 square meter rooms that are found in offices, banks, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and large homes.

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