​   Among water purification technologies, UV has become a buzzword since the Coronavirus pandemic. While it cannot purify water as much as reverse osmosis, Ultraviolet (UV) is considered one of the most effective methods for disinfecting living organisms, such as bacteria, viruses, or cysts (like Cryptosporidium and Giardia) from the water. The germicidal ultraviolet at the 254-nm wavelength damages the nucleic acids of their DNA so they can no longer reproduce and spread disease through drinking water.

In this article, we will compare 3 popular UV water purifiers available in the Philippines:

  1. PureIt Marvella UV Purifier
  2. NuSkin EcoSphere UV Purifier
  3. A. O. Smith A1 UV Purifier

PureIt Marvella UV Purifier


PureIt Marvella is manufactured by Unilever Hindustan India, a part of the consumer product giant Unilever. Marvella has a 4-stage purification system and the 4th stage is the UV Light, which can last until 10,000 operating hours. It meets the standards set by DOH, FDA, and US EPA for safe drinking water. This water purifier can be installed in 1 hour or so, either on the countertop or wall-hung. It is directly connected to your water line under the kitchen sink. Its water tank can fill up to 4 liters of water and it also indicates when the storage tank is full.

How much is the PureIt Marvella?

The retail price of PureIt Marvella is about 13,000 plus installation charges. It is the cheapest among the UV water purifiers in this review. Its main consumable is the Carbon Sediment plus Filter (CSF) which costs 2,500 for every replacement. For a family of 4, 2500php doesn't seem so expensive since it is less than 1php per Liter. It is cheaper than the 5 gallons from water deliveries which cost 20-30php each. It has an alarm that signals when it's 15 days before the filter expires. It also automatically stops water flow when the UV lamp or any other critical component is not working to ensure water purity. The CSF lasts 3000L, good for about 6 months. It contains UV Lamp Cleaning Solution, Cleaning Solution Cloth, QUARTZ Sleeve Gasket and Carbon Sediment Filter. Only the Pureit Technicians can replace the filter and clean the Marvella. Annual consumable cost for a year is about 5,000php, slightly more costly than A. O. Smith A1's.

Nu Skin EcoSphere UV Purifier


EcoSphere is an easy-to-use water purifier by Nu Skin, an American multi-level marketing company known for personal care products and dietary supplements. Unlike Marvella and A. O. Smith A1 which gets water from under the sink, EcoSphere is designed to be directly connected to the kitchen's faucet. It makes it much easier to install and maintain as a retrofit, but may detract from your home interior design. This 4-stage water purifier has a 3-in-1 cartridge that helps reduce bacteria, viruses and cysts found in tap water. This sleek, space-saving device sits just smaller than the size of an A5 paper while its extension is also carefully and neatly designed for an uncomplicated look and use. Nu Skin Ecosphere is easy to understand, only takes about 15 minutes to install and features LED indicators. However, it does not have storage so if there is no water or electricity, you don't get drinking water.

How much is the EcoSphere UV Purifier?

At php35,000-45,000, Ecosphere is the most expensive UV purifier in this review. Its price for consumable at php10,500 is also much more expensive. With so using this water purifier for a long time. At an estimated 2.04php per liter. it will cost you 2-3 times more than the other purifiers in the review.


A. O. Smith A1 UV Purifier


A1 is a premium UV purifier from A. O. Smith, an American company with more than 50 years in water technology. A1 is manufactured in A. O. Smith India factory. The A1 Water Purifier passes through 5 stage water filtration stages (Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Silver Activated Post Carbon + UV lamp + UFSS (for hot water)).

In contrast to the Marvella and Ecosphere, A.O. Smith's A1 has an added capability of filtered hot water. There’s a hot water button wherein you can select between 45°C or 90°C temperature setting. Water temperature is displayed through the LED display. It comes with professional service installation and it can be installed within 1 to 1.5 hour. A1 has a total storage capacity of 9.6L, more than double that of Marvella. This can come in handy when there is no electricity or there is water shortage. It can last a family of 3-4 for a day.

The A1 UV+ Hot purifier looks more aesthetically pleasing than the Marvella. This water purifier is connected directly to your kitchen tap under the sink and can be either mounted on the wall or placed on the counter top. It has a night light that gives a glow effect to the purifier at night so it can be easily seen. It also has a child lock feature to prevent accidental scalding from hot water. It is trusted to provide safe drinking water as it is also DOH/FDA registered.


How much is the A. O. Smith A1 UV Water Purifier?

A.O. Smith’s A1 costs Php20,000. It’s not cheap but it is also not too expensive. Like Marvella, A1’s Pre-filter, Sediment filter and Silver Activated Post Carbon (SCPA) needs to be replaced after several months. A1 has change indicators that lights up when 10% life is remaining. Once consumable life reaches 0%, the indicator will start blinking, the appliance will sound off a beeping alarm and will stop functioning until the SCPA is replaced.

Unlike Marvella and EcoSphere, the UV lamp of A1 is changed every year. Since UV lamps degrade over time and can get dirty through dusts, this gives the home owner the certainty that the water purifier UV is able to perform its function.

Including the UV lamp, estimated yearly consumable costs for the A1 is about php4,900. Operational costs for the A1 is just slightly lower than Marvella, and UV effectiveness is better guaranteed.


Which UV Water Purifier Is For You?

Marvella is a no-frills budget UV purifier, while EcoSphere is suitable if you want to do everything yourself. Be wary however of the relatively excessive costs of the EcoSphere and its consumables. Meanwhile, A. O. Smith is a premium brand with a premium look and unique features like its hot water function. It also has affordable consumables, so it won't hurt your pocket over the years. Choosing among the three depends on your preference and budget.

PureIt Marvella, Nu Skin Ecosphere and A.O. Smith’s A1 water purifiers ensure safe, drinkable water since UV is a proven non-chemical disinfectant technology that kills bacteria and viruses. However, when it comes to purification technology, we consider UV subpar to RO and RO+UV. We don't recommend UV in areas with hard water, or where water TDS is 200ppm or above or if you're using deep well water. If you live in areas with relatively worse water quality, such as Alabang and Las Piñas, or in the provinces, RO water purifiers may be more appropriate.

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