VOC and Formaldehyde, Why It's Bad For Indoor Air, and What To Do About It

 Gases and odors are part and parcel of living in a modern household, from using a can of hairspray to painting the walls of an old room we inadvertently expose ourselves to a multitude of harmful chemicals that merge with the indoor air we breathe. Fortunately air purification technology exists to eliminate and reduce the harmful effects of these chemical by-products.

What is Ozone, Is It Safe, and How Does It Affect Indoor Air Quality?

Ozone is both a naturally occurring and man-made gas that can be found in the ground level atmosphere we breathe. Exposure to high concentrations of ozone has been known to cause breathing complications and other respiratory problems specially in children and infants. Knowing the common sources of indoor ozone and how it's created is important in keeping your indoor air free from this harmful gas.