Benefits of RO

Do you have an idea how clean is your drinking water? Most people know the importance of drinking water but not everyone knows the difference between the water from their faucets and the bottled waters they buy in stores. The quality of water can differ depending on how it is treated. If you want the purest drinkable water, choosing water filtered through reverse osmosis is one of the best choices.


What is Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis, commonly referred to as RO, is a 99.99% clean process where the water is treated through a semi-permeable membrane.

Microfiltration, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration have pore sizes 0.1 microns, 0.01 microns, and 0.001 microns respectively. RO membranes on the other hand have pore sizes 0.0001 microns, effectively only allowing water molecules to pass through.

RO uses water pressure on the water to eradicate unwanted molecules and impurities that might be present in the water such as heavy metals, fluoride, bacteria and viruses. It provides the cleanest water among common household water purifiers.


How Reverse Osmosis Helps

Reverse Osmosis exceeds the ability of most other water purification technologies. RO is one of the few processes that can cleanly convert wastewater and seawater into drinkable water. It can also filter out fluoride on a large scale, so it can be used for water sources with high concentration of fluoride.

We face a lot of health issues due to poor drinking water quality. Lead, Sodium, Iron, Copper, Nitrate, Calcium, Magnesium, Arsenic, Insecticides, Pesticides and Aluminum are the water contaminants that can affect our health. All of it may bring different health issues to you when you get exposed to high amounts of it. Reverse Osmosis is a viable solution to ensure healthy drinking water.




Benefits of RO water

RO offers various benefits for you and your family. Here are some examples why RO is beneficial for consumers:


  • It is safe. It is great even for those with low immunity or have existing health conditions.
  • It has better taste. It removes contaminants that can cause taste and odor problems so it is much more suited for cooking.
  • It is good for the stomach. No water parasites can cause stomach pain and gastrointestinal problem to the digestive track.
  • It has no lead.  The risk of drinking contaminated water with lead which may cause liver or kidney issues can be avoided.
  • It is cost effective. It is reasonably priced and consumable costs are usually much lower than water deliveries.
  • It improves your health. RO removes dissolved salts and chemicals that can be found in tap water which other water filters are not capable. It can be a great help to avoid damaging effects on human body.
  • It removes sodium. People who are as young as 25 can be at risk of suffering from hypertension. If you are using salt-based water softeners, RO Purifiers can be a great help since it removes sodium from water to make it healthier to drink.



It is important to stay hydrated to stay healthy and to maintain a good immune system. Having access to RO-purified water is beneficial for your family's health. Never forget that prevention is always better than cure.

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